Simple solution to test, train and develop your team against the ever evolving threat of malicious emails.

Several weeks ago one of our resellers contacted us to inform us one of their clients had inadvertently clicked on a harmless looking email in their inbox. Subsequently, the whole network was infected with a virus which took their network offline for 24 hours.

The client had an array of email security and anti-virus software already in place but the email address was on a 'white'list' so was automatically allowed into the inbox. This gave evidence of even with a high level of email and web security, malicious content can still access a network.

With our Phishing Training, we send out regular, co-ordinated, harmless 'phishing' emails to everyone in your network. Once clicked on, the link takes the user to a 'training' page to explain why they have been sent to the page, tips on what to look for and what to do with malicious looking emails. The administrator gets a regular overview via a comprehensive reporting.

How would your organisation fare against phishing?

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