New takeaway portal

Rollout of our first food takeaway portal to Emilio's Pizzeria.


Everyone loves pizza! many pizzerias and fast food outlets use existing portals where they pay a memebrship fees and/or commission. Many don't use any form of online presence. And some have their own sites.


Emilio's came to us wanting a bespoke web portal where they could use the website content on flat screen in their Pizzeria, take orders online for collection and a flexible method of payment - either in the pizzeria or via Swish.


The site is fully responsive and features include adding extra toppings to your order, expected waiting time, webshop with payment solutions, downloadable menu and the facility to 'auto-print' each order direct in-store using a Windows tablet, Outlook and a Outlook plugin.


The portal is fully scaleable and can meet the needs of any type of restaurant, takeaway in any language


If your establishment is in need of a pick-up contact us or if you are feeling peckihs and are in the Alingsås area visit Emilios Pizzeria