It’s inevitable that from time to time every business will suffer disruption to its email service – inevitable, that is, if it’s not adequately protected from threats like viruses, spam, phishing, denial-of-service attacks and more. That’s where email protection from Fusemail comes in, available to our partners as a suite of services that you can provide to your customers as well as any individual company wanting to deal with us directly.


It’s a hosted solution that gives your users the benefits of 99.92% spam and 100% virus protection. Our approach is straightforward – to prevent any threat from getting close to a user’s network, while ensuring the ‘good’ stuff gets through.



Businesses receive, generate and store enormous amounts of information across numerous applications through email. According to Gartner, email volume for companies is growing by more than 30% annually and the average user receives more than 7MB of data per day via email. The handling of this volume is mission critical and most organisations cannot adequately access the information they possess in email because they lack the appropriate search tools.


This leaves companies inadequately prepared to meet corporate governance or deal with legal actions as is increasingly required of them in the US and Europe. A robust archiving system that can archive all necessary content and is easily searchable is needed to satisfy corporate governance, e-discovery, regulatory compliance and knowledge management requirements.



Phishing Awareness Training leads to a dramatic reduction in the overall risk of phishing attack both getting past your perimeter protection and your well trained employees.


Teach employees what to look out for by using reality based training.



Our web security offers a solution which is capable of dealing with massive amounts of web requests and correlates this information worldwide. With this real-time information of usage and patterns combined with both heuristic and traditional security techniques, our service provides a zero-hour web security approach protecting our customers from every outbreak.


Our web security solution can be made available in bundled service offerings to our partners and their customers along with our other security services.



We install backup-software onto your computer or server through our online portal. At scheduled intervals your business data are then automatically compressed, encrypted, and securely transmitted via the Internet to our offsite data center for safekeeping.


Data is also mirrored to a secondary data center to provide a protective layer of redundancy; in the event of data loss or corruption your previous backup then becomes instantly retrievable.



Our global, fully integrated solution cuts out the complexity and cost of managing multiple hardware, software and carrier solutions for businesses and seamlessly integrates with your core IT solutions.


Cloud PBX up to the most intelligent Contact Centre, with call encryption and meeting FCA, SEC, Central Bank and PCI DSS compliance.