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Weblink InFinity has all the technical functionality required by business today, but has been developed to be extremely user friendly. Each user can adapt their own profile to steer how and where calls are answered (via mobile, fixed line, computer or tablet) as well as deciding how calls are handled if you can't answer. Weblink InFinity grows with your business as user profiles can be easily added, edited and deleted.

Customise your systems to your business needs - not the other way round!
Weblink InFinity is scalable for all businesses from 1 - 10,000 users - there are no limits. All exchange functions are built-in meaning there are no hidden costs!

Free calls within the exchange
With Weblink InFinity it doesn't matter if your offices are local, national or international, all calls within the exchange are free of charge.

Full control of colleagues and queues
Easy to keep check if your colleagues are busy on a call or available so there is no need to wait unnecesarily. Log in and out of groups to answer calls in queue keeping your customers satisfied.

How and where calls are answered is set in user profiles
No need to keep check on colleagues' direct and mobile numbers. Users set how they will answer and which number is visible to the caller via their profile.

Interconnect active calls between fixed line, mobile and desktop
If you answer on mobile you can move the call to your fixed line or desktop when you reach the office. With Weblink InFinity you get total flexibility to use your telephone the way you want - always!

ISDN via (S)IP

ISDN-duo will soon be obsolete! Connect your
existing ISDN exchange via (S)IP fixed without gateway
and halve your call costs!



Weblink Callback

Let your customers choose - wait in queue or be called back!

Weblink Callback is a web-based application which increases availability in your telephone exchange. Incoming callers can leave their number and be called back instead of waiting in queue.

Active Reception

Personal and professional call routing and answering service

Of course it is best to answer the call yourself but if you can't, don't want to or are busy, Active Reception is a great alternative solution. Offer higher availability using the same resources.

Weblink Exchange

Sync Microsoft Exchange with Weblink InFinity

With Weblink Exchange connector calendars and contacts are syncronised with Weblink InFinity and show in the Weblink Communicator and Weblink's Mobile App.


Smart conference where colleagues are always available!

For companies who have colleagues who are out of the office and have difficulty getting everyone together at the same time, teleconference is the perfect tool to hold your meetings.

Advanced Call Statistics

What does a missed call cost? Analyse your calls

How many calls have been missed? How much does a missed call cost? Do you need more people at 11am? All these questions are answered by Weblink's advanced call statistics.

Hotel App

Give your guests more value for money

Hotels and guesthouses can easily monitor and charge their guest's telephone calls from their rooms, know which rooms have been cleaned in real time and offer an effective wake up call service for their guests.


Desktop Telephones

High quality, secure, user friendly desktop telephones

Weblink InFinity supports desktop telephones from manufacturers including Cisco, Yealink, Snom, and Gigaset. All desktop telephones come pre-configured and plug-and-play ready.


A range of Gigaset DECT telephones suitable for your business

Weblink Inifinty supports Gigasets DECT. Our chosen models live up to quality requirements, uptime and are user friendly. All DECT phones come pre-configured and plug-and-play ready.


Weblink's selection of mobiles

Choose from a selection of mobiles procured by Weblink to surf, take pictures, read mail, stream music and film. We can supply from the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Gigaset ranges.


Plantronics headsets compatible with Weblink InFinity.

We offer a wide selection of headphones divided into three different categories – Desktop, Mobile and Softphone. Some of the headsets are cross compatible.


Patton Smartnode

We work exclusively with Patton Electronics gateways for our ISDN via (S)IP and can support ISDN Duo, 1-8 ports and multiple connections. Easy upgrade to Infinity when required.

Mobile Routers

Internet on the go

We offer the Dovado Pro mobile router with the fastest possible speed and the latest, compact 4G mobile routers from ZTE and Huawei.

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